Why EVOnational?

Personalized Service

In addition to creating a custom program to meet your needs, we pride ourselves on being accessible by phone, email, or in person at any time for our clients. Our national presence allows us to be in touch and actively present to service our clients' needs. We are readily available and happy to assist you at all times. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!

Innovative New Resources

Our groundbreaking, patent pending technology and innovative new resources have surpassed the industry standards. In addition to our systems being HIPAA compliant and environmentally conscious, our customized online application gives you the ability to tailor the application to suit your individual needs. The application adapts to your preferences and professional profile to give you the overall best IME service experience possible.

Our program is designed to provide a centralized information center granting you access to everything you need at your fingertips. Your very own personalized network contains all of the information on all cases ever referred. View all IME reports, medical records, appointment letters, claim history and activity at anytime. Everything is easily accessible saving our clients' valuable time and maintaining optimal organization.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Many companies offer "cost savings" to their clients, but unfortunately very few deliver. EVOnational believes in complete transparency, allowing you to see exactly how much you are saving on your IME services. Our management fee is listed on every IME invoice in connection with our already negotiated physician discounts. Your IME cost savings will be unprecedented and the level of service and expertise you receive, unparalleled.

Our management fee is simple and all inclusive. Our nominal fee in conjunction with the negotiated physician discounts is certain to provide you with the lowest fees in the industry. Our patent pending and streamlined workflow process have proven to lower costs and accelerate the IME process while maintaining service levels of the highest caliber. As a result of this dynamic and advantageous process we are able to pass the cost savings directly to you. There are no hidden fees or mark-ups here, only the superior quality and service that you deserve.

Save time

We understand that your time is valuable which is precisely why our revolutionary program is designed to increase productivity, eliminate lapses in communication which cause unnecessary delays, and ultimately to accelerate your IME timeline bringing you complete and comprehensive results in a fraction of the time you've been accustomed to.

By providing tools such as our online physician network, ancillary service scheduling capabilities, online driving directions, physician credentials and IME case status and messaging center, you will notice a significant reduction in phone calls, emails, and all of the current tasks which interrupt productive work flow. Claimants and attorneys will be pleased to be able to utilize the online "partner by your side" feature to answer questions, obtain driving directions and learn more about upcoming IME appointments.

All of these features in our patent pending program are designed to provide adjustors and claimants with the assistance needed for a seamless and productive IME experience.

Online Physician Panel

Browse our online national physician network to learn more about our diversified panel of Board Certified physicians. Search for physicians by specialty, location, or practice to determine the best physician for your particular claim, or allow us to select the appropriate physician for you.

Don't see your preferred physician on our panel? No problem. Place a request to nominate your physician to be a part of our panel. We will promptly credential them in order to add them to our panel. We thank you, and value your feedback!