Coordination of Independent Medical Exams Nationwide

Our executive team customizes the IME scheduling process specific to your needs. Whether it is a preferred physician, location, specific timeframe, or the need for a STAT report, our goal is to ensure that all of your requests are met and your expectations exceeded.

Upon receipt of your IME referral, our team will:

  • Promptly schedule the IME appointment
  • Notify all parties of the upcoming appointment and any specific instructions necessary
  • Thoroughly prepare the medical file/records for the reviewing physician
  • Provide online resources to assist claimants with appointment details (driving directions, questions, physician credentials).
  • Place reminder calls to all parties 48 hours and 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Provide in-depth Quality Assurance Review to ensure that the IME report provides a detailed and comprehensive scope of the claim, and that all issues in question are thoroughly addressed by the evaluating physician.

Ancillary Services

We understand that often Transportation and/or Interpretation services are necessary to assist with the IME process. We have partnered with several service vendors to make certain that the appointment process remains seamless in this regard. Transportation and Interpretation services are available upon request and additional service charges do not apply.

It is our pleasure to provide these services at cost as a courtesy to our valued clients.

Supplemental Services

Our exceptional service extends far beyond the scheduling of Independent Medical Examinations. Our experienced management staff also offers the coordination of Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs,) Peer Reviews, Diagnostic Evaluations and Bill Auditing services. Specific inquiries and referrals for any of the above services can be made by contacting

File Organization Services

Let us help you maintain optimal organization in your paper files, or assist in transitioning you to a paperless file system. For specific details, please contact us directly at

Physician Seminars

We believe that enhanced communication and continual growth contribute to the high standards of quality within the industry. Coordinating a personalized physician seminar for your office provides the opportunity for your claims unit to meet the IME physician of your choice, view the IME process from the physician perspective, gain insight and knowledge regarding particular medical conditions commonly seen within claims, and the ability to ask specific questions and provide feedback to the physician of your choice.

Select an IME physician from our panel, or a Board Certified physician of your choice and we will handle the details. The topics for discussion and the physician presenting are yours to choose. Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to expand your knowledge and enlighten your team in a customized physician seminar.