Executive Team

Seth Needelman - President and CEO, EVOnational

A pioneer in the IME industry, Seth brings over twenty years of IME experience to the EVOnational team. His specialties in corporate structure and client partnerships have proved to be an innovative spark in the creative development of the EVOnational brand. Dedicated to streamlining the IME process and providing monumental savings for insurers nationwide, Seth encompasses both professionalism and creative, intellectual development within EVOnational. Following a successful career of 19 years in the IME industry, Seth discovered two key components lacking in the "traditional" IME process that would unequivocally benefit IME claims: organizational tools for efficient time management and unprecedented cost savings. His long standing success in the industry and strategic vision have evolved into EVOnational, the first true partnership in the industry. An Alumnus of American University, and a prominent member of the IME industry, he welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients worldwide as President and CEO of EVOnational.

Erin Needelman - Chief Operations Officer, EVOnational

With over 14 years experience in the IME industry, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to EVOnational. Erin has worked closely with claims professionals, physicians, injured workers, and legal representatives to fully understand all facets of the IME process. Thus, her extensive experience and creative collaborative efforts make the IME process seamless and efficient from beginning to end. Developing professional relationships and understanding specific customer requirements afford Erin the ability to tailor the IME operations precisely to match the individual needs of each client. With a B.S. from the University of Maryland, College Park, Erin has built a successful career by combining her years of Operational Management experience, with her exceptional client relations background to grow the foundation of successful business endeavors. Her professional integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence are reflected in her position as Chief Operations Officer for EVOnational.

Toni Wilhelm- VP of Client Relations, EVOnational

With an extensive career history in both Customer Relations and Management, Toni brings professional excellence and superior service to the EVOnational team. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Toni's career began as she travelled both nationally and internationally, servicing the needs of her clients and providing personalized and professional services. She then meshed her customer service career path with her management skills and spent the next several years managing multiple professional projects and hundreds of staff members. Her experience ultimately led her to the IME industry where she has played a pivotal role in providing superior customer service while managing the overall flow of daily IME operations. Her passion for exceptional service and client satisfaction coupled with her personalized management style make Toni an invaluable member of the EVOnational team.

Andrew Mackintosh - Business Development

As a member of Local, State, and National trade associations, Drew is a seasoned executive with a successful track record in sales and marketing. An established leader, Drew provides personalized service and consistently earns the respect and referrals of many satisfied clients. His commitment, hard work, enthusiasm, integrity and proven results are what make Drew and EVOnational a winning combination. Drew's commitment to customer satisfaction comes from an extensive history in Real Estate. "People trust me with their single largest asset. It's a responsibility I take very seriously. I give 110% because I know that their success is ultimately my success". He attributes his success to his commitment to client needs and his exceptional business practices, which adhere to the highest of ethical and professional standards.